Seapoint Primary School

Seapoint Primary School is a school with a view, out to sea over the Atlantic Ocean and on into the future! We are proud to be a school renowned for its standards of excellence and for its child-centered approach to education. We know how to work hard but we also know how to play hard! Children from every corner of the globe make their second home here. We proudly host children from Europe,  Asia, our neighbouring African countries as well as the greater Cape Town area. Diversity and unity combine on the slopes of Signal Hill and find their expression through fun, vigorous activity and education!

Please peruse our site which is highly informative and updated on a regular basis. Seapoint Primary School boasts a Swimming pool, a fully equipped Computer room and has a Library/media center which is recognised as one of the best in Cape Town.

We have an extensive Extra-mural programme, run a Recycling programme and  have a very active and involved PTA and Governing Body. We also provide an Aftercare facility on the school premises for your convenience.

Seapoint Primary School is certainly much more than just a pretty face however and we pride ourselves on our innovative and advanced concepts in the field of education. We champion Brain gym, Co-operative learning as well as Integrated teaching methods, and blend it with the Old-fashioned skills, concepts and values so treasured by our forebears.

We emphasise Smaller numbers in our classes and believe in Positive recognition for our pupils. They are awarded Good work certificates and Merit badges which form an integral part of  ‘continual positive reinforcement’.

Founded in 1884 Seapoint Primary School is grounded in a rich and varied history which leaves us more than capable of rising to and creatively meeting the challenges posed by the 21st century. Our youth are our future and within the school boundaries Our children are our number one priority. If we empower them now while they are supercharged eager-eyed sponges, we can rest assured that both this planet and our futures will be in much safer hands!

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